Jeddah Tower

The only way is up

Boldly going where no building has gone before, Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower is set to be crowned the world’s tallest skyscraper. At over one kilometre high, it will dwarf The Shard in London – at over three times the height. In fact the Jeddah Tower's 337m unoccupied Spire is taller than The Shard and, when complete, will stand over 500 feet taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

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Jeddah Tower Project summary


Jeddah Economic Company

Key partners

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Thornton Tomasetti, Omnium International Limited

Services provided

Consultancy, Project and programme management


Commercial, Offices, Mixed-use development, Residential and student accommodation, Hotels and residential


Middle East, North Africa and India, Saudi Arabia


Project story

With two decades of experience delivering high-rise, supertall and megatall buildings across the world, our industry leading experts were the perfect fit to deliver this ambitious, record-breaking skyscraper in Saudi Arabia.

Providing project, commercial and design management services – through the Mace EC Harris JV – since winning the appointment in 2012, our team has relished the unique challenges that come with delivering the world’s single tallest structure.

But with plans for the fastest ever double-decker lifts – travelling at 12.5 metres per second – the world’s highest observatory and, as part of the Kingdom City development, the focal point of the entire 5.3 million square metre site, Jeddah Tower’s title as the world’s highest building is just one of many fascinating facts about the project.

Project stats

1km+ Tallest building in the world
630m Highest observatory in the world
12.5m/sec Speed of the fastest double-deck lifts in the world
250,000m3 of concrete

Points of note

The new spirit of Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Tower represents the seamless integration of architectural design with engineering expertise. The overall design of the tower is intended to look like a desert plant shooting upwards – a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s growth and future ambition. The designer’s vision was “one that represents the new spirit in Saudi Arabia.

Over one kilometre into the sky

Our work began in September 2012 and, faced immediately with inimitable challenges such as a requirement to deliver the longest piles in the region at over 105m deep, pump concrete over 1,000m into the sky, as well as planning the movements of over 8,000 workers around the construction zone, it was clear Jeddah Tower would require new and revolutionary construction methods. The team has worked closely with the designers and contractor to optimise design, cost and schedule. Thankfully, innovation is what our world class team is renowned for, and in the intervening years we have created best working practices and ground breaking problem solving in order to deliver this colossal piece of human engineering.