Invesco partnership

The perfect partnership

Our facilities management team has a relationship with Invesco that began over a decade ago and has grown into an award winning partnership.

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Invesco partnership Project summary



Services provided

Operate, Facilities management consultancy, Helpdesk services, Facilities management services


Commercial, Offices, Corporate real estate


UK and Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Americas, North America

Project timeline

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Project story

Since 2004, Mace has been supporting Invesco in its global ambitions to become the largest investment management firm worldwide.

After initially being appointed to develop and deliver a forward-looking facilities management strategy across Invesco’s UK offices, our scope of works has expanded to Europe, into North America and through Asia Pacific.

Through trust and a strong client relationship, Mace has evolved into a strategic partner, expanding the contract into the management of sub-contractors and additional cross-border services aimed at meeting Invesco’s global facilities needs. In 2011 this partnership was recognised when Mace was awarded the Partners Across Borders accolade for their work internationally with Invesco. 

On top of supporting Invesco’s rapid growth, Mace has improved the workplace experience for Invesco employees and reduced and managed Invesco’s supply chain, reducing costs and improving service levels. The introduction of state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless working has resulted in higher levels of productivity and more efficient working.

Mace also supports Invesco in retaining their ISO14001 environmental accreditation, attending annual reviews, maintaining the environmental management system documentation, updating legislation and participating in the audits.

Our long-standing partnership has expanded to other divisions within the Mace Group. Refurbishment and relocation projects have helped Invesco to rationalise their property portfolio and the implementation of a new KPI model and global standardisation has led to excellent service delivery and a consistent experience on all Invesco sites. Using the flexibility in our supply chain and fixing as many costs as possible we have delivered savings and provided budget certainty to our client.

Reception Lobby Area, Invesco Partnership - Mace Group

Project stats

2.6m+ sq ft managed by Mace
30% cut to the European budget through efficient procurement
7% reduction in carbon emissions over two years

Points of note

reducing single use plastic

One of the largest initiatives that Mace has helped implement is the complete removal of single use plastics from Invesco sites. With the support of the client team, Mace has been working across all regions to deliver solutions such as retrofitting filtered water taps, distributing personal water bottles to all members of staff, and embedding a culture change programme.

Growing Internationally

Thanks to our global delivery experience and expertise, Mace's facilities management division has been growing with Invesco as it expands its portfolio worldwide. Mace began working with Invesco in 2004. Initially the contract had been for a handful of sites within the UK, but this quickly expanded to sites within Europe, and in 2009 Mace was successful in securing a contract for 27 sites in the US and Canada – a first for Mace. Since 2009 the Invesco portfolio managed by Mace has increased to include additional sites in India, South Africa, Japan, and in 2019 Australia.

Creating energy and cost savings

Mace has been working with Invesco on energy and sustainability development for Invesco premises. This has included negotiating a competitive price for energy performance certificates for the Henley site, performing an energy benchmarking analysis to identify energy, carbon and cost savings, and analysing the energy utilities data and operational performance. This work has created opportunities for energy and cost saving initiatives to be introduced on site, working in collaboration with M&E and BMS teams during delivery.

Going where the client goes

Mace’s flexibility and capability to mobilise new sites effectively has meant that Invesco can trust Mace to position them in new locations around the globe. Following an acquisition in 2017, Mace had to ensure that 140 staff could work effectively in their new premises with minimal disruption. By embedding Mace staff before the transition, the handover process was smooth and a huge success. Mace was able to recreate these results when Invesco expanded again in 2019, across sites in North America.

Introducing Workplace Initiatives

In North America, Mace has completed a space utilisation and survey study for Invesco across five key North American offices. The study aims to reduce the amount of real estate dedicated to office use and explored the redesign of existing office space using the intelligent application of Invesco’s Global Workplace Guidelines and their new activity-based work settings specific to their different business functions.