GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Project Places

Transforming R&D facilities in the United States

For nearly two decades, our people have worked closely alongside GSK, supporting its mission to help people feel better, do more and live longer. We’ve done this by helping GSK transform its facilities worldwide.

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Project Places Project summary



Services provided

Consultancy, Project and programme management, Cost consultancy


Data centres, industrial and biopharm, Research and biopharmaceuticals, Commercial, Offices, Industrial and manufacturing


North America

Project timeline

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Project story

GSK is a world leader in research-based pharmaceuticals and healthcare. In order to bring to market new medicines, vaccines and healthcare products safely and cost effectively, its success hinges upon creating environments that both stimulate and facilitate dynamic research, as well as development.

For this, world class scientific and commercial facilities are crucial. Project Places is a revolutionary program to maximize the true potential of GSK’s research and development estate, with Mace’s teams in North America working as an extension of GSK’s core team to provide a program management office (PMO). Encompassing seven sites in Philadelphia, Raleigh and London, the objective is to improve sustainability and environmental concerns, boost flexibility, realize significant operational real estate cost savings, and engender a distinctive feel both inside and out.

Project stats

90% diversion of waste from landfill, across nearly 4,000 tonnes of waste
50,000t of CO2 emissions forecast to be reduced, throughout 80 projects
1.6m sq ft of office and smart lab space we manage across the United States
7,000 client staff relocations managed as part of the program

Points of note

Meticulous briefs

GSK is determined to reduce the operational costs of its buildings – something that equated to 10% of their R&D spend in 2012. Our PMO has been meticulous in briefing our project managers to hit such targets. 

Positively impacting R&D employees

In 2014, Mace successfully delivered ‘Quick wins’, a collection of projects intended to positively impact a large group of R&D employees and a vital part of the Project Places program. The largest of the projects was located in Raleigh, North Carolina, where we managed the design process for the renovation of an existing space to improve workplace function. 

Saving time, money, inconvenience

True to the open and transparent nature of our relationship with GSK, we routinely communicate issues such as environmental factors in decades-old buildings, setting budgets, scope and schedules that are workable for all involved. Our strength and reputation has been built by delivering not just what a client wants, but also what they require – saving them time, money and future inconvenience.

One-team mentality

Our employees integrate with GSK teams on all projects, providing a range of project and program management, project control, and technical and advisory services. By creating a positive workspace and reinforcing a one-team mentality, this helps to ensure projects are delivered in a sustainable and effective manner. As a result, GSK and Mace teams understand each other’s objectives, striving towards a shared goal.