Airports of the future

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What does the airport of the future look like? How will aviation change as new technology transforms how we travel? 

All over the world, states and private airport operators are investing in new infrastructure as air travel continues to become more and more popular. Globally, more than $1 trillion is ear-marked to be spent on aviation infrastructure.

These aviation projects, by their very nature, are complex programmes of work, with operational constraints that dictate the delivery conditions and inter-relationships with parts of the airport infrastructure that must remain ‘business as usual’ throughout the overall design and construction programme.

Managing these constraints, whilst also balancing the stakeholder demands, and those of lenders, shareholders, airlines and the passenger customers of the airport takes a unique set of skills that draws from our experiences across the globe and centres the solution to make it client and scenario specific.

In our latest collection of essays, Mace explores the next generation of aviation infrastructure - and what it will mean for the construction sector.

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