Stephen Jeffery
Mace Group Board

Stephen Jeffery

Chief Technical Officer

Group Board tenure: first year

Stephen started his career as an apprentice then joined Mace in 1996 as a mechanical and engineering manager. After setting up and running Mace’s M&E team and subsequent MEP business, he moved on to run a technical services team in construction. In January 2019 Stephen was appointed to the Mace Group Board and now drives business transformation, best practice and innovative solutions across the company.

How did you come to join Mace?

My career started in mechanical engineering and for 17 years I worked for a tier one M&E contractor. In 1996, I was working at Heathrow Airport when I was introduced to Stephen Pycroft. Mace was fairly small at the time but it had a reputation for doing things differently - game-changing approaches to construction - so when an interview turned into a job offer I jumped at the chance.

What skills and experience do you bring to your role on the Mace Board?
My background is slightly different, given that, for years, I specialised in M&E. It’s unusual to have someone from a technical services background on a board such as ours but, that’s Mace, we’ve never followed the crowd. For years I helped to deliver projects in tough environments with unmovable deadlines, and I’ve carried my approach right through. My focus is always on getting the job done, whatever it might be. I like to see hard work, innovation and progress. Mace is now a big engine but to stay ahead of the curve we need to keep agile and keep moving forward as the industry is forever changing. 
How have you seen the company develop during your time here?

Mace was an industry disruptor when I joined and, on that front, nothing has changed. The company has seen phenomenal growth so what we do now is just on a grander scale. We have a greater influence on the market due to our reputation and for over two decades we have continuously attracted some of the best people in the industry. It’s testament to the culture at Mace that many of the people who I first worked with when I joined are still here today.

What is your proudest moment?

Without a doubt it’s the way we delivered the Shard. The M&E package was huge and we knew we had to do something ground-breaking to make it work. We internally delivered the whole job and made significant progress with off-site manufacturing which was ahead of its time. The quality of that project, from beginning to end, was outstanding and that was purely down to the team being so focused, dedicated and innovative.

Where would you like to see Mace in five years’ time?

We’ll be known as the builder of choice for the most complex projects. By that I mean, we’ll be synonymous for not simply building what’s on the drawings, but for influencing design standards and transforming programmes with technical changes. From construction to production we’ll be recognised for the technical ability of our teams and the value that it brings to projects, and that won’t simply be isolated to construction, it will sit right across everything we do.

What are you passionate about outside of Mace?
My family. I’ve got six kids, so running around after them, ferrying them from one activity to another at weekends, keeps me grounded. I’m definitely not the boss at home and that’s ok with me. 
Stephen Jeffery

“Mace was an industry disruptor when I joined and, on that front, nothing has changed.”