Mark Holmes, Chief Operating Officer Consultancy - Mace Group
Mace Executive Board

Mark Holmes

Deputy Chairman

Starting as a project manager in 1992, Mark joined the Group Board in 1996 and was responsible for setting up Mace’s consultancy business. He subsequently expanded the service offer to include cost consultancy and facilities management, and established Mace in North America in 2011.

Appointed as Deputy Chairman of Mace Group in January 2020, Mark additionally leads Mace’s People and Talent, Responsible Business and Diversity and Inclusion boards and is Co-Chair of IE-UK, the UK Governments' vehicle to help UK companies secure international infrastructure projects. 

What are you most proud of from your time on the Mace Group Board?

I’m incredibly proud of the fact that as we have grown, we have held true to our purpose along the way. We’ve grown exponentially in the last ten years, but we’ve never lost sight of why we exist and what we’re trying to achieve. Keeping such a strong culture has been about recruiting the right people with the right attitudes and supporting them to be their best. I'm also very proud of the work I have done with People and Talent, observing the development of some great colleagues over the course of my career.

We might be a major international company now but our values are the same and, in many ways, the feeling at Mace is similar to when I first joined in 1992.

What is the biggest challenge for the industry?

Change. It’s something that the industry has been slow to accept and now there’s a tidal wave of change coming. It’s absolutely necessary in so many ways and being at the forefront of such transformation is an exciting place to be.

There’s a long way to go in terms of addressing equality, diversity and inclusion, tackling climate change and improving productivity. Just five years ago we weren’t talking about these things and now they’re front and centre of every conversation. It’s highlighted the need for new skills and technology and it’s bringing with it an abundance of opportunity for colleagues.

How is Mace tackling that challenge?
Head on. I am really pleased with the way we are addressing the two biggest societal challenges we face - that of climate change and equality, diversity and inclusion. Just as importantly, we are also using our voice to help change the industry, not just our own business
How has Mace changed in the last five years?

We’re more grown-up and very aware of our responsibility to help make the industry better for all. We have invested in our own systems and processes, recognising the importance of using data in this digital age.

What’s next for Mace?
Untold opportunity. Our strategy, purpose and priorities are important to us in the next five years. Our purpose really resonates with our colleagues and clients and the key to our success will be embedding it into everything we do and executing on our strategy.
Where would you like to see Mace in five years' time?

Aside from having smashed our strategic targets, I would like to see a greater split of our business coming from overseas. The trajectory of international growth that we’ve achieved in the last five years has been exciting.

Most importantly, I would like to think that equality, diversity and inclusion are so deeply ingrained at Mace that it’s simply part of who we are and not something that we still need to promote, train or encourage. I hope we’ll look back in a few years and feel shocked that the conversations we’re having now were even necessary.

Mark Holmes, Chief Operating Officer Consultancy - Mace Group

“We might be a major international company now but our values are the same and, in many ways, the feeling at Mace is similar to when I first joined in 1992.”