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Shaun Tate

Director of Mace Tech

Construction, UK

With over 25 years of experience in the industry and an appetite for innovation, Shaun continues to push the boundaries of construction, delivering some of London’s most high-profile projects with a vision to drive faster and safer delivery, consistent quality and optimum value.

How has your career developed at Mace?

I joined Mace as a senior construction manager in 2006 and since then have been given the opportunity to manage and lead some major projects in London that have gone on to win industry awards.

I’m currently leading our newly established 'Mace Tech' unit, working with new digital technology and off-site assembly methods to change the way the construction industry builds in the future.

Following the success of our award winning Rising Factory in Stratford East Village, I’m now overseeing the delivery of the next phase, East Village Plot N06, where the team are taking off-site construction to the next level, harnessing the latest in digital technology. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?
I enjoy the diversity of what we do, the people we work with and the fantastic projects we deliver. No day is the same and we get to work with such a breadth of people in different specialisms.
What’s your proudest achievement at Mace?
I'm proud of everything I've achieved with Mace but the hardest project was undoubtedly South Bank Tower. We had to build 11 storeys on top of an existing 30 storey tower and create a mixed-use development. All of the projects I've been involved with have been recognised by the clients as being exemplar - which is a huge compliment and makes me immensely proud of the teams that work so hard to deliver them.
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into what you do?
You get out what you put in. This is an industry of opportunity but the most successful projects are delivered by successful teams. Bringing together the right people and making sure everyone is clear around the critical success factors is the key to a happy client.
What are you like to work with?

I have a natural ability to see what’s possible but I make sure that vision is shared and challenged, such that it develops into something that our delivery teams can embrace and take collective ownership of, relative to delivery. I learned an important lesson early in my career that taught me that you’re always surrounded by people with very valuable knowledge and skills - there is always so much to learn from everyone we come into contact with.

I like to think that the team would say I do everything I can to enable people to reach their full potential. It’s important to create the platform for people to shine. Some of the best ideas come from the least likely places.

What is your personal philosophy?

Be confident that your moral compass points in the direction of always doing what is right for those around you.

The only reason I’ve ever left a company was because I wasn’t comfortable with the way the business operated. Mace continually seek a better way, and that ethos has remained in place through the past ten years of growth.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Paragliding - which is ridiculous, given my fear of heights. I guess it’s a way of pushing myself beyond barriers, but really it’s just crazy fun.

Mace People: Shaun Tate - Mace Group

“It’s important to create the platform for people to shine. Some of the best ideas come from the least likely places.”