Ross Wood, Senior Sustainability Manager
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Ross Wood

Senior Sustainability Manager

Sustainability, UK

When Ross embarked on a career in sustainable construction he never imagined that it would take him across the world. After taking up opportunities from Scotland to the Middle East, he finally settled in London and joined Mace in 2015. Ross's passion for environmental and sustainability management makes him a key player in championing innovation.

How did you get into what you do?
I studied environmental management at university as it followed on from one of my favourite subjects at school - geography.

After graduating, I found it difficult to find work. I had a chat with someone in the construction industry who told me that the only real opportunity might be if I retrained in construction management. I took that advice on board and soon after an opportunity came up as an environmental adviser and I’ve been working within sustainable construction ever since. My career spanned from Scotland to the Middle East before I moved to London.
What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?
In my previous roles I was the sole sustainability professional. Here at Mace, I am part of a large team of professionals, which means I have plenty of great resource to learn from in areas where others may have more experience than me.
What’s your proudest achievement at Mace?
Being involved in Mace’s work around modern slavery and ethical sourcing initiatives. The introduction of the Modern Slavery Act means there is more scrutiny on organisations like Mace to prevent activities like human trafficking taking place across our business or supply chain. It’s really interesting, as is my involvement in our responsible sourcing policy, where we're looking at environmental standards, the management of health and safety, labour practices and business ethics to understand how ethically the products we use are manufactured.
What advice would you give to someone looking to get into what you do?
If you’ve just graduated but are struggling to find work, I'd suggest arranging relevant work experience and placements or attending industry events. Not only will you get some great experience and knowledge, you will also meet some great contacts for the future.

It's important to show passion too! It really helps drive change, which is what we're here to do.
What do you see as the big trend for your specialism in the next five years?
A greater emphasis on wellbeing within the workplace and how the buildings we construct impact this.

Retention of good staff has always been important for organisations and vital to this is the wellbeing of employees. How the office environment impacts on employee health and wellbeing is now a focus through the design, construction and fit out of many buildings.
What are you passionate about outside of work?
I enjoy playing a range of sports in my spare time, including golf and football. My passion for sports also spreads to watching some successful teams and some not so… mainly Scottish national teams! I also enjoy spending time outdoors with my family.
Ross Wood, Senior Sustainability Manager

“I am part of a large team of professionals, which means I have plenty of great resource to learn from.”