Mace People

Paul Mann

Regional Director for Cost Consultancy

Consultancy, UK

Paul has a wealth of experience as a cost manager and has spanned most sectors, predominately focusing on commercial property and regeneration. He is responsible for ensuring the correct resource and quality of service is afforded to every commission.

How did you get into what you do?

I sort of stumbled into it, but then I always knew that I would end up doing something with figures so I guess it’s not too surprising that I ended up in cost consultancy.

After I left school I did a part-time degree course in quantity surveying and worked for a private QS practice at the same time.  

In 2004 I joined a limited liability partnership as an associate director, specialising in project management and quantity surveying. Then in 2008 I moved to Mace as an operations director, and within 18 months became a regional director for cost consultancy.

What do you enjoy most about your current role at Mace?

Finding solutions for clients. The ethos of what Mace offers - going the extra mile and making sure customers get the best value - sits well with me. I also really enjoy helping less experienced people to develop. I get a real buzz from mentoring people around me and sharing my business experiences. 

What has been your proudest achievement at Mace?

More recently, we delivered a multiplex cinema for a council that was a huge challenge but a great success because of our approach. The whole scheme felt like we were pushing an elephant’s foot into a ballerina’s shoe, but we brought in other parts of the business to support the project and keep it on track which saw off delays with project management support. 

What do you hope you will be doing in the next 5-10 years?

I hope I’ll still be at Mace. I’ll need a new challenge by then but the business is so diverse that I won’t need to look elsewhere. 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love being in the great outdoors – cycling or walking. I’m planning to walk the 82 miles of Hadrian’s Wall this year with other staff in the business unit to raise money for a school for children who have physical, complex medical and/or complex communication difficulties. Why not put my passion to good use!

If you hadn’t got into this line of work what do you think you might be doing?

I would have liked to have become a historian and viniculture consultant. I’ve also always had a dream of running a boutique hotel. I love entertaining and cooking for family and friends so that ambition might still be realised one day. 

“The ethos of what Mace offers - going the extra mile and making sure customers get the best value - sits well with me. ”