Portrait of Lisa Bowden
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Lisa Bowden

Associate Director

Consultancy, UK

Having spent her career working on projects that have had a positive impact on north-west England, Lisa joined Mace to help the company contribute to turning the aims of the Government's Northern Powerhouse strategy into reality.

How did you get into what you do?

After my A-levels I completed a sponsored BSc degree in construction management at Salford University. I then went on to work for my sponsor (an international contracting company) for 10 years delivering a range of notable projects in the north of England.

Increasingly, I started looking after the regeneration and wider socio-economic aspects of projects, such as employment and skills. An understanding and knowledge of these aspects is often a key requirement to win work in the public sector. My career moved in that direction and my roles became more focused on clients and strategic business development, helping companies win work across different sectors.
What led you to Mace?
The strength of Mace’s brand was a big draw for me, aligned with the opportunity to work with like-minded people who embrace new ways of working and who are not frightened to challenge the norm and think outside of the box. I've kept a watchful eye on Mace’s direction over the last five years and I decided that it was where I wanted to continue my career.
What have you enjoyed most about your career so far?

Throughout my career I’ve worked on a number of prestigious projects across the north-west of England, including developments that have had a long-term impact on the cities and surrounding regions and supported the economy's wider agenda.

As a Mancunian, making a positive impact on the city really matters to me, so the wider contribution I’ve made for the city’s people has given me great personal satisfaction. I want to continue making a similar long-term contribution to Manchester through my work at Mace.
What are you most looking forward to doing now you're at Mace?
Helping to further strengthen the company's presence in the north. There’s a lot of opportunity coming out of the UK’s Northern Powerhouse strategy, which aims to improve connectivity between the cities in the north of England, maximise devolution and provide more autonomy and funding to the region. I want to use Mace’s expertise and work with key stakeholders to convert the aspirations of the strategy into tangible projects and help turn the Government’s vision into reality.
What skills do you need to be good at your job?
The key ones are dedication and enthusiasm. You need the energy and commitment to drive things forward. In business development there can often be blank avenues so you need to be resourceful and determined to look for, and develop, alternatives.
What do you see as the big trend for your specialism in the next five years?
Where traditional business development has focused around opportunities, it’s now about taking a step back and focusing on Government policy and the wider city agenda. You need to be at the front end of what is driving these changes. An example of this is the Government’s Northern Powerhouse strategy and support of regional devolution which will ultimately result in an increased volume of opportunities to improve infrastructure in the north.
What are you passionate about outside of work?
I’ve been involved in a variety of charitable initiatives over the years, but nothing too physical! I've organised fundraising events, dinners and functions for a number of worthwhile causes, including in support of children with growth deficiencies. I was also involved in developing a pair of gardens called ‘From Chaos to Calm’ for the Royal Horticultural Society’s Tatton Flower Show in support of Kidneys for Life.
Portrait of Lisa Bowden

“I want to work with key stakeholders to convert the aspirations of the Northern Powerhouse strategy into tangible projects and help turn the Government’s vision into reality.”