Kevin Keil
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Kevin Keil

Head of Mobilisation

Facilities Management, UK

With over two decades worth of international facilities management experience Kevin Keil is well placed to lead Macro's mobilisation service - bringing value to businesses right across the globe.

How did your career lead you to Macro?

Like many people in the industry, I fell into FM. I started out doing deep level gold mining in South Africa, before I moved into the construction industry - running and designing ready mix concrete plants. I spent a bit of time in manufacturing before getting into FM in London in 1996. I gained broad management experience in blue-chip multi-site operations, taking on full strategic and financial responsibility for the company’s operations.

When I first started in FM it wasn’t typically run as a stand-alone business, but it was a tight-knit community and everyone knew each other. I met someone who, at the time, was a Macro board member. Macro was ahead of the game from a technical and process perspective and the team seemed to be a great group of people to work with. The more I looked into Macro the more I liked the culture. At the time a career move suited me, so I joined in 2008.

What opportunities have you had to progress your career at Macro?

I came in at operations director level so progression hasn’t been a straight upward climb. However, I have taken on wider and wider roles within operations and have gained experience to drive and develop mobilisations, as well as gaining experience in other countries.

I now head up mobilisation, taking responsibility for setting up the contracts and using my experience in operations to develop robust processes across the globe. Macro has moved away from being UK-centric and we are seeing an increase in larger cross-border portfolios. Winning big international contracts takes it to another level. Each country has different standards and operations. You have to work hard to maintain the supply base and win the hearts and minds of people joining the team. I have plans to carry on developing and creating a seamless mobilisation team that operates internationally.

What skills do you need to be good at your job?

Project management, people management, and operations experience. Also being able spot the real priority - it’s important to keep focused. There is a complex number of tasks involved within mobilisation and across the different facets of operations. If things get lost it can quickly impact the go-live date so you have to be good at multi-tasking.

You also need to have the confidence to sometimes have difficult conversations. Not everyone’s priorities are the same and it’s important to work together and communicate so that targets are not missed.

What is your proudest achievement at Macro?

I wouldn’t say I have one moment, but rather, many proud moments. It’s rewarding to see people progress, especially when I’ve helped to mentor them. Helping to win contracts feels good. I think a key achievement was winning, mobilising and running a contract for a well-known turbine manufacturer - the team was really good, the contract was complex and we did a great job. 

What value does facilities management give to companies?

For our clients, FM is about maximising the value of their portfolio, increasing commercial efficiency, saving money and keeping clients legal. A facilities management team can take the hassle out of the estate functions, allowing clients to focus on their core business. It’s about having a professional approach and keeping clients compliant.

Good FM can influence the happiness and environment within an office and the efficiency of individuals working there. If we do our job right then people can be more effective in their roles.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I play the piano and can read music so I taught myself to play the saxophone. I’d like to play in a band but it’s quite a time commitment, with everything else in my life and, yes, I can play the sax solo in Careless Whisper!

Kevin Keil

“A facilities management team can take the hassle out of the estate functions, allowing clients to focus on their core business. ”