Mace People

Greg Parker

Managing Director

Consultancy, North America

Managing operations for our North America business is all in a day's work for Greg Parker. Having joined Mace North America in January 2012, Greg now leads a team of nearly 100 people and continues to develop and strengthen relationships with clients and across the entire region.

What brought you to Mace?
I've known Mace's chief executive Mark Reynolds for over 20 years. Early in my career, I worked at Heathrow and Mark and I actually sat in the same trailer - me as a quantity surveyor and him as contractor. He went on to join Mace and I moved out to North America. In 2011, Mace was looking for someone to head up the North America business, and after several interviews with the company, the way Mark tells it, he saw my name on the shortlist and the rest is history.
What sort of projects are you involved in?
I was here at Mace when we won our first New York job, and now we're an $18m business. I've been involved in almost everything. The growth of cost consultancy has been something I've driven. I came in with a cost consultancy background and with a focus on that, but I picked up project and programme management and I now run the whole business. As Managing Director, I create a vision and a strategy, and I put the structure in place that my team implements.
What has been your proudest moment at Mace?
My time at Mace so far has been a real journey. As a business, we can be deservedly proud when we say things like "we won the London 2012 Olympics job", "we fitted out 4 World Trade Center" and "we run the massive GSK real estate transformation programme", but the challenge is making that relevant when we're bidding for a small fit out job in New York. I'm proud to work at Mace, but I can't say I have a proudest moment, it's been a proud journey.
What advice would you give to others looking to do what you do?
Go for it. At the end of the day, my number one piece of advice is that the only thing certain in our industry is the uncertainty. In 30 years of doing what I do, I've never had the whole journey mapped out ahead of me. I'd rather seize the opportunities when they come.
What trends do you see emerging over the next five years?
I think the way we do business is going to change significantly. Clients want their consultants to be partners, and they want to create collaborative relationships and work with globally mobile companies. The more our goals and metrics align with our clients, the more relevant and successful we will be. The business landscape looks very different to what it did five years ago, and it will probably look different again in another five. Businesses need to be agile and need to be aligned to their clients in order to stay robust and successful.
If you hadn't got into this line of work, what might you have done instead?
I'd have been a vet... that is if astronaut school hadn't worked out.

“I was here at Mace when we won our first New York job, and now we’re an $18m business.”