Jack Hounsham, Placement Trainee, Construction
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Jack Hounsham

Industrial placement

Construction, UK

Jack is putting the building blocks in place for a future in construction by adding to his studies with industry experience. Taking 12 months out from his degree course, Jack is working for Mace as a trainee construction manager, gaining invaluable experience to kick start his career straight after he graduates.

How are you finding your placement?
So far it’s been great! I really hoped that I would be given some responsibilities of my own and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m currently working on a refurbishment and redevelopment project on a grade II listed building in London and in the first two weeks I was given my own deadlines to meet. I’m currently responsible for the closing out works and snagging of two apartments which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It’s given me the opportunity to interact with a lot of subcontractors and I’ve learnt loads along the way.
What attracted you to Mace?

I was first introduced to Mace at a careers event. From there I applied for a place on the Mace Insight Week where I was accepted and got to meet a lot of the company’s employees and visit live construction projects. It gave me a really good insight into how Mace treat their employees and the opportunities that exist.

I was so pleased to have my application accepted for an industry placement and I’m hoping I will be offered a place on the graduate scheme after I finish my final year at university.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?

I find it really rewarding to spend time dealing with the issues or problems on site. Working with operatives and labourers, quantity surveyors and fellow construction managers keeps things challenging and varied.

I also really like the split from working on site and in the office. As with any job there are admin tasks but I spend the majority of my time on site, which I much prefer.

What advice would you give someone at school considering a career in your area of work?

I know that everyone says it but it is all about the work experience. I was fortunate enough to gain a large amount of experience as a labourer before starting my degree so I got crucial experience of construction sites and techniques, as well as what it’s like to be receiving instruction from a construction manager.

As soon as you can, try to get involved with a company that offers specific roles that you are interested in. The Mace Insight Week is a brilliant way of not only gaining information but getting a foot in the door.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
Cars and motorsport! I own a classic Mini that I restored. It’s my pride and joy and I love spending time working on it in preparation for track days and shows. I am also very keen on Formula 1 which takes up a lot of my time on Sunday afternoons.
What would you like to own that you don’t currently possess?
I would love to own a piece of land and build my own house on it one day, then I could build the house exactly the way I picture it.
If your teenage self could see you now, what would he think?
I’m sure my teenage self would be pleased to hear that all the hard work that went into those seemingly pointless GCSE’s and A-levels paid off in the end.
Jack Hounsham, Placement Trainee, Construction

“I find it really rewarding to spend time dealing with the issues or problems on site.”