David Joyce, Trainee Quantity Surveyor,  Summer placement
Emerging Talent

David Joyce

Summer placement

Construction, UK

David is putting theory into practice this summer by spending his university break working as a trainee quantity surveyor. After securing himself a 10 week placement on the Mace undergraduate programme, David is getting first-hand experience of construction through a number of projects at Heathrow Airport’s Terminals 3 and 5.

How are you finding your placement?
So far, I’ve found my placement extremely insightful. Working at an airport is completely different to anything I’ve ever done before, given the additional security and restrictions. It’s allowing me to see how the project team deal with all these additional issues that you might not see on other sites.
What attracted you to Mace?
As well as treating its staff well, Mace allows young people to efficiently progress their careers based on their ability rather than their age, which is a huge appeal for me. I was also attracted by the international opportunities Mace offers. It’s obviously not something I can take advantage of in 10 weeks but I already know I want to come back after I graduate and one day work abroad.
What do you enjoy most about your role at Mace?
I enjoy putting the theory of what I’ve learned at university into practice. It will leave me in a great position for my final year of study. It's been great to learn efficient ways of commercially managing projects as a whole and being able to see the bigger picture of why things need to be completed in a certain way. I know I’m developing skills that I will need for the rest of my career.
What advice would you give someone at school considering a career in your area of work?
Do it! Quantity surveying is a job where no two days are the same. It’s not a case of sitting at a desk all day as you regularly go out on site to measure the work that has been completed.
David Joyce, Trainee Quantity Surveyor,  Summer placement

“I want to work my way to the top and perhaps become a director one day, so that’s something that definitely pushes me to work hard!”

What do you think the future has in store for you?
My plan for the next few years is to graduate first and foremost. Hopefully I will then be able to join Mace’s graduate scheme and become chartered as soon as I possibly can. I hope that the qualification and experience will quickly open up opportunities internationally as I want to work abroad as soon as possible.
Do you have a mentor?
Yes, I work closely with the senior commercial manager as he is my line manager and sets me regular tasks to complete. I also work closely with the assistant quantity surveyor on the projects and she is my first port of call if I need any help or advice.
What drives you on?
I want to work my way to the top and perhaps become a director one day, so that’s something that definitely pushes me to work hard!
If your teenage self could see you now, what would he think?
I’d like to think that I’ve done myself quite proud. After all, getting a summer placement at one of the biggest and best companies in the UK is something to be proud of!