Emerging Talent

Finding, developing and retaining talented young people is key to our future success, helping to keep our perspectives fresh and our work innovative.

We want to foster this pioneering spirit in our new recruits, the time we take to inspire this next generation is returned to us through the creation of a committed, dynamic and driven workforce.

For graduates, undergraduates, apprentices and trainees, the opportunities are often endless and once taken, responsibility comes swiftly. Our clients benefit from the sense of ownership felt by these proactive and confident young people. They find that they often see their projects from new perspectives, are never afraid to challenge the status quo, and bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

We are passionate about giving opportunities to these future leaders while at the same time helping to address the skills shortage and high levels of youth unemployment in the UK. As members of The 5% Club, we are committed to ensuring that by 2020 5% of our workforce is made up of either apprentices, graduate trainees or sponsored students.

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Our emerging talent

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