Ingrid Hermansen

Eurythmy Therapist Project Coordinator

Kairos Rehabilitation

As co-investor, co-developer and delivery partner for a three hectare regeneration scheme in London’s Greenwich Square, we are creating 645 new mixed-tenure homes and a new community hub with a leisure centre, library, health centre and shops.

Next door to the development is Kairos Rehabilitation Trust, a charity that provides alternative treatment for people who are dealing with conditions associated with pain. Due to the close proximity to the development, we have been working with Kairos as part of our commitment to give back to the communities in which we work.

How did you first meet Mace?
It was a chance encounter really - it was one of the most extraordinary things. One of our doctors got talking to Michelle [Mace's Senior Community Engagement Manager] in the street when she was visiting the Greenwich development. She explained that Mace was keen to give back to the community and asked us to let her know what we needed.
What support has Kairos received from Mace?

We asked for some top soil for our community garden. Not only did Michelle arrange it quickly, a guy then turned up saying: “I’ve got plants, where do you want them?” We weren’t expecting it at all, it was marvellous and that was just the beginning.

We recently moved to a new building but the layout wasn’t suitable for the services we offer. There was just one large room, so Michelle arranged for Mace to create three nicely decorated treatment rooms. Then they put a kitchen in for us which was a wonderful surprise, and Michelle arranged for a sub-contractor to create a sign for our garden. It’s been such a fairy tale.
What benefits have you got from the support you've received?

Firstly, we haven’t had to fill out a single application for support. It’s unheard of in the charity sector and they usually take ages to complete and take us away from treating more patients. We mention something to Michelle and it’s done - she's like our fairy godmother.

The rooms are now fully functional which means we can see more patients and the kitchen area is a very welcome addition for the staff. I don’t know how we ever would have done it without Mace. We would have had to raise the money and I can’t even image how long that might have taken.

We’ve got everything we need now and we’re very, very grateful.

“We weren’t expecting it at all, it was marvellous and that was just the beginning.”