Helen Kay


Barbican Association Planning Sub Committee

Mace is developing two new commercial buildings adjacent to the Barbican in the heart of the City of London. Due to the close proximity of the construction site to people living in the Barbican, we are working closely with residents to keep disruption to a minimum. Helen Kay, Chair of the Barbican Association Planning Sub Committee has been involved with our community engagement team from the planning stage.

How is Mace supporting you?

I’ve been involved since before the work actually started – working with Mace to put together a suitable communications plan for the residents. Mace's Ushna Mughal is our community engagement manager for the project and she’s been excellent, very professional and organised. She clearly wants to communicate with us at every opportunity and she’s really good at it. I even have her mobile number to call her directly with any urgent concerns.

What is the support enabling you to do?

It gives me a channel to pass information between Mace and the residents really quickly and easily.

I’m a retired teacher so planning isn’t my field. Part of my job is to set up liaison groups with residents and the various developers around the estate, so on this project I've worked with Ushna to plan how we get information out to everyone in the best possible way.

The most important thing is that we are all kept informed of what’s going to happen next. For example, if the road is going to be closed, it’s inconvenient, but when we all know about it weeks in advance it’s not so bad.

Helen Kay, Chairperson, Barbican Association Planning Sub Committee

“It was really impressive and nice to see that Mace were making such an effort to share things with us.”

How are residents informed about the developments?

We have a meeting with Mace and the other developers every three months without fail – they’re well organised and informative and they’re in the calendar for a year ahead.

We all get regular newsletters that ensure local residents and stakeholders are informed about the works, such as crane movements, road closures and diversions. Ushna also makes sure that the car park attendants have copies so that everyone gets to see the latest edition.

At the beginning of the project the residents were the first to see an animated presentation of all the future crane works which really made us feel special and involved. And a recent newsletter included a link to a video of the demolition timeline. It was really impressive and nice to see that Mace were making such an effort to share things with us. They are clearly doing their best to communicate with us.