City of London Corporation celebrates the next construction milestone for Salisbury Square Development

The City of London Corporation has celebrated the successful "Bottoming Out" of the Salisbury Square Development, a significant milestone in this transformative project.

The Salisbury Square Development, funded and delivered by the City of London Corporation, is set to become a flagship facility for His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services (HMCTS). It will include 18 courtrooms, combining all the Square Mile’s existing courts – except for the Old Bailey – into one building, and the new headquarters for the City of London Police. In addition to these critical functions, the development will feature grade A office accommodation, a remodelled listed building, and an enhanced public realm.

This comprehensive project aims to strengthen the City's justice system and promote London's standing as a premier location for business and innovation. It will equip the City of London Police with a state-of-the-art HQ and operational base to police the square mile and protect the UK from the threat of economic and cyber crime.

A ceremony, which took place on 25 June, was attended by members of the City Corporation, main construction contractor Mace, City of London Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Betts and The Lady Chief Justice, Baroness Carr of Walton-on-the-Hill, DBE, PC, along with other members of the judiciary.

As part of the ceremony, students from City of London Academies Trust – Galleywall Primary School, participated in a special event, burying a time capsule on site to commemorate this pivotal moment in the development. The time capsule, filled with items representing contemporary life and the aspirations of the community, will serve as a historic marker for future generations.

City of London Corporation Policy Chairman, Chris Hayward said:

"The 'Bottoming Out' of the Salisbury Square development is a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of all involved parties. This project not only reflects our commitment to enhancing the City's infrastructure but also underscores our ambition to provide state-of-the-art facilities for His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services and the City of London Police. We are creating a dynamic space that will bolster our justice system, support our police force, and reinforce London's reputation as a global business hub."

Assistant Commissioner Paul Betts, City of London Police said:

“This is an historic milestone in the development of the Future Police Estate, providing state of the art, efficient facilities for the force, whilst creating a far more sustainable footprint.

“The Salisbury Square development will provide a new headquarters and operational base for the City of London Police. It will be supported by the addition of new sites all seeking to improve our sustainability and helping us to better serve our communities in the City.”

Jeremy Eavis, Mace Construct Project Director for the Salisbury Square Development, said:

“Mace is famous for challenging conventional thinking and setting new standards, helping to influence the London skyline, which is recognisable the world over. Less apparent is the skill and expertise that goes into work beneath the surface of our streets.

“Excavating over 60,000 cubic meters to form a three-story basement is no small feat and involved a sophisticated system of temporary works and propping over 18 months. Due for completion towards the end of 2026, it is rewarding for our team to know that what will become of this vast space will soon be used by His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services and the City of London Police to serve the people of our great city”.

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