Mace joins leading British businesses and Dr Liam Fox in launching the Global Britain Commission

The Global Britain Commission, made up of senior leaders from the corporate world including Virgin Atlantic, Heathrow, EY, Mace and Forth Ports and chaired by former International Trade Secretary Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, today launches a yearlong project to help to define, shape and make a success of Global Britain. 


The independent group will combine its unrivaled knowledge of the UK and global business to create a blueprint on how to best harness and deliver a stronger and more resilient economy, and in the process create jobs and level up Britain.


Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox, Chair of the Global Britain Commission, said: 

“The Global Britain Commission comprises some of Britain’s best businesses with the aim of setting out what business needs from Government in order to help deliver the Government’s flagship ‘Global Britain’ agenda.  As the UK cements its position in the competitive global economy outside the EU and recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time to focus on our strengths and comparative advantages to ensure maximum returns for the UK in the future. The Global Britain Commission is crucial in this of all years, the year Britain holds the G7 presidency, hosts COP26 and the D10 group of democratic nations.”  


Jason Millett, Mace’s CEO for Consult, said: 

“As the UK builds our global trade relations outside the European Union, there is a huge opportunity for British firms to leverage our expertise, heritage and exceptional capacity for delivery to drive export growth.  In our industry, there has never been more demand for UK delivery experience around the world. From South America to the Middle East, British construction, project management and engineering expertise is playing a critical role in some of the world’s most complex and challenging programs.  We are very pleased to be joining such an impressive group of British businesses to collectively develop a vision for the future of Global Britain.”   


The membership of the Global Britain Commission, which will be formed as a year-long project, is currently as follows:


Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Former Secretary of State for International Trade, Commission Chair

Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow

Jason Millett, CEO, Consultancy, at Mace

Charles Hammond OBE, CEO of Forth Ports 

Sir Roger Marsh OBE DL, Chairman of the NP11


Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic, said: 

“Connectivity is fundamental to trade, tourism and cultural exchange and Great Britain has one of the leading aviation sectors in the world. At a critical time for economic recovery and with the aim of becoming a Net Zero economy by 2050, Britain must now reinforce global ties and build stronger relationships with its partners. Virgin Atlantic is looking forward to working alongside fellow Commissioners and Dr Fox to create innovative solutions to ensure Britain is the very best it can be on the global stage.”


John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow, said: 

“We are delighted to be part of this Commission, which will support the Government to deliver against its vision of a truly Global Britain.  As the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow is essential to this vision, ensuring all parts of the UK are connected to all the growing markets of the world.  Heathrow’s long-haul routes will boost trade, create jobs across the country and attract investment to our shores.”


Charles Hammond OBE, CEO of Forth Ports, said: 

“Forth Ports is delighted to be involved in this exciting project at the sharp end of what needs to be done to make Global Britain a success.  Forth Ports owns and operates two of the country's fastest growing logistics clusters at Tilbury and Grangemouth where we have delivered rapid productivity gains over the past decade fueled by long-term investment in technology and people.  The outline of Global Britain is a strong one, and this group of CEOs will be on hand to use our experience and knowledge to help everyone in the UK and beyond reap the rewards of trade-based business growth.”


Sir Roger Marsh OBE DL added: 

“International trade and investment is a crucial part of levelling up the UK. In this post-Brexit world, we need to particularly focus on export-driven, high-growth, high-productivity sectors, identifying the UK’s markets of the future to boost our prosperity in an increasingly competitive world.”


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