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29/4/20 - Coronavirus: an update from Mace

Statement issued 9.00 GMT, Wednesday 29 April 2020

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, our clients and our supply chain has remained our first priority.

Our construction projects in the UK

In the UK, the Government announced ‘lockdown’ measures on Monday 23 March. The following day, Mace Group Board announced that all Mace construction projects would close with immediate effect. Until we were satisfied we could operate our projects safely it was clear that closing sites was the right thing to do.

Over the coming weeks we developed robust site operating plans that set new industry standards for the health and safety of all people working on our sites. Alongside this effort, we worked closely with industry colleagues, the Construction Leadership Council and central Government to engage over the future of the sector and how it could operate during the pandemic.

From Tuesday 7 April we began re-opening some of our construction projects and have gradually rolled out a phased approach. We now have more than 30 sites open and are continuously assessing and redefining standards. We continue to review our health and safety processes and procedures and – where possible – will continue to open sites and gradually increase the numbers of people working on our projects.

Our global operations

Across the globe, our consultancy business continues to provide advice and guidance to our clients about programme delivery and how to operate construction projects safely. Drawing on best practice developed by our construction business, we have been helping to shape operational plans and procedures across our global client portfolio.

In each region of the world, local conditions, regulations and government guidance varies hugely – and so Mace’s country teams are working hard to ensure that our local approach reflects that. Wherever possible, we are trying to ensure that business continues as normal while prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone that works on our projects.

Supporting the response to the coronavirus

Alongside our normal work, Mace people from across the globe have been working hand-in-hand with governments and healthcare providers to help build resilience and shape the response to the pandemic.

In the UK, we have been supporting the delivery of the NHS Nightingale, a temporary hospital in London; and elsewhere we are supporting similar efforts to deliver critical infrastructure under severe time constraints. We have also taken part in a sector-wide drive to donate more than a million items of personal protective equipment to the NHS.

Supply chain assurance

One of the most critical aspects of our industry’s response to the pandemic is maintaining the supply chains that allow our sector to function across the globe. Throughout the crisis we have remained close to our suppliers, and worked closely with clients and partners to ensure that we have the maximum visibility of how the supply chain is operating at any time.