About us

Service excellence

Our mission has always been to find a better way to deliver for our clients. It is driven by our endeavour to exceed our clients’ expectations.

By relentlessly focusing on the needs of our clients we continue to enhance the value we bring to new challenges. For over 30 years we have developed innovative ways to make our clients aspirations a reality with added value – creating more efficient methods of delivery and raising the quality of our services and our products.

So whether we are delivering a consultancy programme, construction project or operating a facilities management contract, we are committed to understanding our clients’ needs, raising the quality of delivery, and leading our industry to work more efficiently and sustainably.

Our approach

Client focus

We understand that every project and client is different – with unique challenges, preferred approaches and specific objectives. We put our clients’ needs at the heart of every project, working with them to understand what really matters and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Driving quality

What makes Mace different isn’t just that we do things differently, it’s the emphasis we place on doing the basics really well. From how we work with clients to the standards we set with our delivery teams, we drive quality through every step of the journey.

One team

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our projects - working collaboratively and transparently with our clients and delivery partners to achieve agreed objectives. The culture supports us to explore and test innovative methods of delivery while never compromising on quality.

Continual improvement

There is always room for improvement and we are committed to doing more where opportunities are identified. We are open to challenge and operate in a culture that encourages us to learn from experiences so that we continuously raise the bar and exceed our clients expectations.