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Health and Safety

Health and safety is firmly engrained in Mace’s philosophy. Our legacy over the last 27 years has seen us continually strive to reduce risks, and protect our people and stakeholders, by building a culture where safety first becomes second nature.

Although we remain one of the leading companies in our sector, we are continuously striving to develop new, safer and healthier methods of delivery.

From delivering an array of iconic buildings, to complex property and infrastructure projects and programmes for leading companies, we are responsible for the health and safety of everyone involved, and all of our employees are dedicated to this commitment. 

Creating healthier and safer environments

Our strategy extends beyond the delivery of our clients’ projects and programmes. We recognise that health and safety evolves through the lifecycle of a project, and as such, we assemble our highly skilled workforce to manage health and safety risk holistically. We work with our clients and supply chain partners to develop a culture that ensures nobody gets hurt or suffers ill health at work.

We have adopted an approach where safe behaviour doesn't stop when a project ends. This enables us to offer creative healthy and safe solutions, in consideration of the whole lifecycle, whether our appointment is made in design or during operations.

Making safety first, second nature

In 2011, we set ourselves an ambitious challenge; to evolve our health and safety culture to industry leading, through our ‘Safety first. Second nature.’ programme and five strategic components of standards, leadership, engagement, behaviour and the work environment.

Changing behaviours

Our leaders embrace and drive health and safety through our business. They are supported by dedicated health and safety professionals to assist them in delivering effective, high standards across all disciplines and levels at Mace.

Our work with industry partners includes our ongoing relationship with the UK Health and Safety Executive, where we are collaborating to improve how health and safety best practice is shared with other countries. We have also contributed to an industry standard for health in safety in Business Information Modelling.

We are also on the board of the UK construction forum - Build UK - helping to shape industry policy and best practice, and took a leading role for the industry, working with TfL to develop the first national standard for vulnerable road users, the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety standard (CLOCS).

Treating health like safety

We are putting the health into health and safety by nurturing a health and wellbeing ethos that protects our people, supply partners and clients from workplace health risks, empowering and enabling them to make informed lifestyle choices.

Education remains paramount through our ongoing partnerships with the ‘Breathe Freely’ initiative to reduce occupational lung disease across the industry. We also hold an annual Mace Health Day to promote health and wellbeing events across the business.

Construction still has a way to go, however we are committed to working with the industry to blueprint a healthier future. This includes the mental health and wellbeing of our people. 

A consistent approach to site quality

Whether working on an operational site, or pouring over a spreadsheet in an office, we encourage every Mace employee to consider and apply our health and safety principles: ‘Four Steps to Safety’, ‘Don’t Walk By’ and ‘Observe, Engage, Improve’ to every aspect of our work.

'Four Steps to safety' encourages employees to consider whether they are in a safe place, have a safe system of work, are equipped with the correct safe tools, machinery and equipment; and make sure their colleagues are also safe.

'Observe, Engage, Improve' and 'Don't Walk By' empowers our people to recognise and challenge the actions of others, regardless of the environment. Whether it's a spilled drink or strewn cable, or promoting best practice or a positive attitude, we aim to set an example to others. It's not just about raising a concern or praising individuals, it's also about taking action to improve the situation or share with others.

We record health and safety observations using an innovative mobile app which records health and safety, quality and environmental performance. YellowJacket allows us to create actions, make health and safety observations and measure progress towards safer working environments.

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  • Andy Brown

    Group Director - Operational Health and Safety


Safety first. Second Nature. Awards

Since 2014, we have held an annual awards ceremony to recognise and reward the health, safety and wellbeing achievements of our people and supply chain partners. The event celebrates our successes in delivering health and safety excellence.

Industry recognition

We are proud of the recognition we receive for our work. In 2018, the British Safety Council awarded Mace three Swords of Honour and three Globes of Honour. In the same year, Mace won seven gold awards and three gold medals at the RoSPA Awards.