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  • Mace delivered Howe Dell Primary School, recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the UK.

Mace has been part of the revitalisation of UK schools, which has been taking place over the last decade. In recognition that first school experiences set the bar for later achievement, there has been significant investment in schools and we've been at the forefront of delivering both buildings and strategic educational consultancy across the sector.

We have completed more than 250 school projects ranging from single schools to large framework appointments, and our commitment to delivering great educational facilities that represent real value for the public purse is undimmed.

Educational record

Delivered in 2008, Howe Dell School is rightly recognised as a beacon of modern school design and sustainability. Working alongside many local authorities and educational authorities, Mace has project managed the successful delivery of large programmes of school improvement, to time and budget, in Manchester, Haringey, Walsall, Lewisham and Somerset, to name just a few.

We recognise that every school serves a particular community and we work closely with clients to understand what they need to achieve. For Three Ways School in Somerset, the objective was to create an environment conducive to students with special educational needs. The result was a unique building that incorporated sensory and creative facilities, and our attention to detail was recognised with two South West Built Environment Awards in 2008.

In every case we provide the services, from programme and project management and construction delivery to cost consultancy and facilities management, that are needed to help clients get their projects completed on time and ready for the new academic year.

Primary Schools and the Primary Capital Programme (PCP)

Mace has a unique strategic view on the Primary Capital Programme, with an outstanding track record in delivering primary schools through some of our existing long-term framework agreements, and having assisted a number of local authorities with their programmes and planning for this work stream, providing strategic estate strategy and delivery of built assets.

Free Schools

Free Schools are all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to parental demand. Under the new proposals outlined in The Academies Bill, it will become much easier for charities, universities, businesses, educational groups, teachers and parent collectives to start new schools.

Mace's vast experience delivering schools enables us to offer tried and tested advice to this emerging market, and through collaboration with our joint venture partner Place Group, we are also able to provide a diverse and comprehensive service from formulating curricula and advising on costs to identifying sites, conducting feasibility studies and delivering school premises.

New Academies (2010)

The UK government wants all schools to have the chance to become academies, including primary and special schools, as part of an "Education Revolution". The aim is to raise standards for all children by narrowing the attainment gap between the most and least advantaged, and create one of the best education systems in the world.

The New Academies Programme differs from the previous government's Academies Programme by focusing first on the high achieving schools. Those schools judged "outstanding" by Ofsted will be given the freedom and flexibility to convert to academies in September 2010. These new academies will then mentor lower achieving but aspiring schools through a shared process of raising standards.

Through our joint venture partnership with Place Group, we have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to accelerate schools through the academy process, from managing the legal and contractual issues such as establishing an Academy Trust, to providing support with new funding.

Our experience of establishing academies means that we understand clearly how best to work with governing bodies and local authorities, and to access the information required for TUPE and land transfer. We also have expert legal support to deliver the land transfer process, and human resource experts who can support the TUPE process if required.

Sponsored Academies (2004-Current)

Our involvement in the previous government's Academies Programme includes working both for the Department of Children Schools and Families in the role of overall project manager, and for local authorities as construction project manager. We have also built some of the most prestigious examples of these flagship education institutions that typically combine cutting-edge and challenging design with forward-looking educational facilities.