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The Place

  • image © Sellar Property 2011
  • image © Sellar Property 2011
  • image © Sellar Property 2011

The Place is an innovative headquarters building that makes a strong and compelling corporate statement in London’s newest commercial quarter. It provides 40,000 square metres (428,000 square feet) of efficient office space in a prestigious seventeen-storey building of great architectural distinction. Mace’s role asmain contractor on the project, is part of Sellar’s wider London Bridge Quarter scheme. The Place meets the most rigorous space demands of modern organisations offering large, light, open and highly-flexible floor space, with floor plates up to 31,000 square feet.

The building features natural light and outstanding views throughout, naturally-ventilated winter gardens on floors 3-12 and a landscaped roof terrace with spectacular views of London. Despite being less high  than the Shard, , the Place brings its own technical and architectural challenges, including the complicated cantilever structure of the building which required the installation of one of the largest piles of its type in London, at 2.4m diameter.

As with the Shard, the London Bridge location means numerous complicated interfaces and the development of a robust logistics strategy for which Mace worked in-depth with key transport stakeholders including London Underground, Transport for London and Network Rail, to ensure the construction processes have been as undisruptive as possible. 

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