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Mace design’s multi-disciplinary team provided the client with a one-stop-shop of services, including; architectural design, engineering design, project management, cost management and planning supervision.

This project represented phase three of a four-phase project to develop the existing school from 5 to 8 FE. This new 2-storey building comprises; general teaching classrooms, new school entrance and reception, new library / centralised resources centre, a new staff room and administration offices.

The building combines a modern design and environmentally friendly features with functionality and delivers a highly energy efficient facility. As the building is set back on the site the design makes an eye catching statement, drawing the visitor across a well designed piazza to the main entrance of the school.

The central design feature is a highly transparent resource centre. Designed to accommodate both student and staff requirements, the resource centre symbolises the aspiration of the students to acquire knowledge. Classrooms are flexible allowing standard or larger groups to
be taught together.

The building has been designed with the conservation of energy as a design feature. The roof design incorporates photo voltaic panels, grey water harvesting, and the first floor utilizes natural ventilation.
The other highly glazed area is deliberately south facing, drawing the outdoor view into the large resource centre without increasing the solar gain of the building.

Staff facilities and offices are well proportioned and areas flow naturally from social to resource. This building is a long-term education solution, providing an environment that inspires both learning and teaching.

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