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Safety by numbers

Safety by Numbers

With ambitions to take Mace’s health and safety standards and performance from industry best to world-leading we are continually setting targets and measuring achievements; celebrating our success as well as highlighting priorities for improvement. Some of our latest figures for 2011 do just that.

5 million hours worked without a reportable injury.
A new benchmark for Mace, these figures, achieved over a four month period in 2011, are in respect of the hours worked across our construction projects without a reported RIDDOR category accident - a 20% improvement on our previous record.

110% increase in ‘near miss’ reporting.
This increase, tracked over the last six months is indicative of the evolution of a culture of trust on every Mace project and throughout our supply chain, strengthened by the Safety first. Second nature. campaign; where ‘near miss’ reporting is being accepted as part of ‘lessons learnt’ as opposed to a potential for punishment, and contributes to the overall safety programme.

11 significant ‘near miss’ incidents. 
Recorded across all construction projects in the third quarter of 2011, this is one the highest reported levels of significant ‘near misses’ demonstrating again the evolution of a culture of trust, but ultimately identifying specific health and safety priorities and potential trends and possible resolutions going forward. 

Zero RIDDOR reportable accidents.
This is an excellent accident free benchmark standard reported across all of Mace’ s construction projects for  the full third quarter of 2011.