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Mace speaks exclusively to Regeneration and Renewal Magazine

John Boulby, Mace regions operation director for regeneration has spoken to Regeneration and Renewal outlining the new opportunities that exist in the sector despite looming cash shortages. Stating that the public sector squeeze will not drive Mace out of regeneration John explains how long term relationships and a broad range of experience is the key to weathering the storm: “Regeneration is one area where people come to us.”

In an atmosphere in which government spending cuts is a constant threat, and with local authority clients now more focused on economic competitiveness and social exclusion John explains that Mace has not rested on its laurels, it has had to diversify and learn new skills in seeking finance, working with stakeholders and understanding public funding mechanisms. Where ten years ago Mace people were simply delivering the physical elements of projects, managers must now have a wide range of skills to understand funding, manage stakeholders, sell ideas and maintain an awareness of the national and local political context: “we are not simply providing clients with the next manager off the shelf, but can match people to projects.”

With regards to government policies and their associated quangos, John is enthusiastic about the new city region pilots in Leeds and Manchester which he welcomes as a “new opportunity to drive local economies and the possible beginnings of greater decentralisation in Britain.

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