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Leading on standards - the supply chain leadership forum

The third Supply Chain Managing Directors’ H&S Forum - bringing together individuals from Mace’s key supply chain members - proved its success again with over 80 people attending the event at the Congress Centre, London on 23 February 2012.

Leading the forum Mark Reynolds, Deputy CEO, highlighted the progress, success and challenges of the ‘Safety first. Second nature.’ campaign, one year on. The focus was on current measurement criteria which, through a structured leadership led initially by project health and safety tours, will help the campaign raise standards and reach its 'factory safe' environment target.

The forum was then handed over to three members of the supply chain to share their lessons learnt and successes since the launch of the initiative - Martin Pratt, Managing Director of Bachy Soletanche, Danny Robson, Managing Director and Andy Dolan Contracts Director of DG Robson Mechanical Services, and Gordon Earl of Scheldebouw.

Managing Director of Bachy Soletanche Martin Pratt, shared his company’s approach to safety and gave an overview of their redeveloped behavioural safety programme -Homesafe - created around the five essential attributes of ‘Safety first. Second nature.’ - standards, leadership, engagement, behaviour and work environment. Martin highlighted the importance of continued leadership involvement and assessment of behavioural activity to ‘combat’ the potential for complacency when a company enjoys long periods of excellent health and safety performance.

Danny Robson described DG Robson’s “collaboration with Mace” to develop a general lifting training course. “Following a near miss incident caused by the incorrect lifting equipment”, said Danny, “we sought, with the support of Mace, to educate our supervisors and operatives and create long-term continuous improvement with the implementation of focused training. It’s proved invaluable and we would recommend this approach to our colleagues, helping to continuously improve our standards as a partnership team.” 

Gordon Earl shared Scheldebouw’s prefabrication techniques which have helped to minimise site-assembly tasks at The Shard and therefore contributed to lower safety risks although a similar near miss incident highlighted the “necessity for a continuously measured benchmarking system and highly trained workforce.”

The forum also had the benefit of a clients’ perspective and commendation with Steve Morgan, Executive Capital Programme Director, BAA presenting an overview of the a clients’ supply-chain expectations and praising the unique opportunity the forum provides allowing for ‘near misses’ and safety programmes to be shared in an open transparent environment.

Gareth Lewis, COO, Construction closed out the forum by demonstrating examples of what a 'factory safe' environment looks like and challenged the forum members to take the lead by regularly visiting Mace to carry forth the targets of the 'Safety first. Second nature.' campaign.