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fm24 invests in core system fmHorizon

fm24, Macro's facilities management call centre business, is due to release version two of its award winning helpdesk software fmHorizon©. First developed in 2002 in response to the limitations in existing call centre software in the marketplace, the software forms part of a total facilities management call centre service from fm24.

As a result of continual review activity which has included organising focus groups with stakeholders within the FM industry, fmHorizon© v2 was developed in partnership with Cirrus Software and adds to its existing capability to incorporate newly defined functionality which includes:

  • Direct access to fmHorizon© on-line as a ‘self service function' via secure log for clients and suppliers in order to: view event details, run reports, request updates and closures and interact with the fm24 team on-line creating a reportable audit trail of communications
  • Automatic system escalation of works orders nearing or exceeding the chosen SLA acting as a timely reminder of expectations and resulting in the reduction of manual processes
  • Automatic e-mail of event status change to individual clients upon request
  • Widening of budgetary control mechanisms and authorisation requirements around works orders to include the ability to segregate and more closely monitor budget types/regions/authorisations
  • Quality assurance monitoring using templates, requesting on-line responses to client specific questions to a chosen percentage of clients in the chosen period relating to closed events

In addition, the look, feel and behind the scenes functionality of the product has been enhanced to assist fm24 agents in logging calls and keeping better informed of portfolio
activity whilst servicing multiple clients simultaneously. Innovations include a refreshed agent dashboard, automatic duplicate job warnings, the capability to link events and the
addition of a centre on screen notice board.

fm24 operations manager Katy Heywood says: "Property managers and facilities managers are becoming more demanding when it comes to real time visibility of reactive building requirements and are realising the benefits of reliable and accurate management information to inform them of both the current and historic status of their building portfolio. Maybe this is nothing new in principle, however FM roles are increasingly about contract management rather than in-house delivery and being accountable means getting your hands on the right information at the right time. It also includes finding creative ways of keeping suppliers on their toes, continually communicating expectations and challenging performance. fm24 is able to provide this through our use of fmHorizon© and our enduring service orientated approach."