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Acting on standards

Mace linked up with the acting world for a day for a series of interactive workshops for over 200 Mace project based personnel including operatives, supervisors and project managers working on major projects in London.

‘Terminal’, the real-life scenario-based workshop, led by AKT Productions, acted out a major incident at Gatwick Airport, inviting the audience to discuss and challenge the attitudes to health and safety and understand the personal responsibility of each individual. ‘Freeze-framing’ and ‘winding-back’ events highlighted behavioural attitudes and offered the opportunity, for the audience, to change the course of events.

Gordon Gray Operations Director and Ollie Clarke, Construction Manager at The Place and Tony Northcott, Health and Safety Associate Director at The Shard led workshops as part of the event – focusing participants on key themes:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Risk taking & rule breaking
  • Culture
  • Personal intervention

 “The dynamics of the active scenario-based workshop clearly influenced everyone’s active involvement in the workshop and opened people to their fears and responsibilities, engendering a shared sense of conviction about the right course of action,” said Gordon Gray. “Over half of the attendees identified ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘personal intervention’ as the strongest lesson learnt - an excellent success story in our long-term training programme.”

The workshop is part of the leadership and engagement aspects of ‘Safety first. Second nature.’ – following the critical paths to success; engaging with stakeholders and applying safe behaviours, aligned to the key attributes of the campaign.