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Sean O'Connor

  • Sean O'Connor, Associate Director

Sean joined Mace in 2001 as a senior manager and was promoted to associate director in 2007. Sean’s focus over the past 2 years has been in the renewable energy sector and has been involved in the development of renewable energy schemes ranging from 5MWe Pilot Plants to 30MWe waste to energy plants and a 100MWe biomass power station.

Sean has over 20 years experience in construction, with international experience in project management and managing construction works in live operating facilities. His experience is diverse and spans across renewable energy, industrial, petrochemical, oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceutical, leisure, water treatment and reticulation and technology sectors. 

In 2001, Sean started within Mace’s industrial and pharmaceutical sector team on a cement plant project in Nigeria and moved to the UK in 2003 as part of the team delivering Heathrow Terminal 5. In 2005, he rejoined the industrial and pharmaceutical team where he managed project and construction management teams for cement plants in the UK and Kazakhstan.

In 2008, he became leader of Mace’s science, technology sector team on an energy centre and office complex in the UK and data centre projects in the UK and France. From 2010 to date his focus has been on renewable energy. His roles have been both on client and contractor side which has developed a respectful understanding of each ones needs to operate both efficiently and effectively.

He enjoys challenges and his broad industry experience is complemented by his international project knowledge where understanding and respecting different cultures has been imperative to the success of these projects.